Beginner Woodworking Projects

Everyone needs to start somewhere and that’s why we created our beginner woodworking projects page. There is so much more to woodworking than just buying a bunch of nice tools and slicing and dicing some wood. It also isn’t good to start your crafting career or hobby with a large project. Large projects tend to be more complicated and can result in frustration.

So what kinds of projects are good for beginners?

I’m glad you asked. Many beginning projects are small items or more like crafts. Jewelry boxes, cutting boards, and even children’s toys are great items to start with. These are not overly complex projects to build and can be completely in a relatively short amount of time. Why is it good to finish in a short amount of time? Well, when a project is hard and takes a long time, it is difficult to visualize the end result and beginners tend to get bored easier. With a small project, you can see the fruits of your labor much sooner and get excited about what you have built.

Beginner projects also allow you to practice things such as staining. Applying stain to wood in a even manner can take some practice. It is better to practice on a small project like a decorative shelf than a large dining room table. This will help you to perfect your finishing skills before moving on to a bigger woodworking project.

beginner woodworking projects

Easy woodworking projects like shelves are also great for beginners. Shelves are incredibly simple to make and can be built using basic tools. The only tools needed are a saw and a drill. The cuts for basic shelves are also easy since most shelves are rectangular.

Toys for children are also a good woodworking project for beginners. While it may not be as cool as some electronic toy, it will definitely not break as easily. Click here for a great collection of projects for children.

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