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Getting free woodworking plans is the best way to begin your hobby or small business in building furniture and woodworking. Learning woodworking is a good way to start a new career or turn your hobby into a money making business. It all begins with good plans.

The quality of woodworking plans available on the internet greatly varies. Some are good enough for everyone to build, but many leave out key dimensions or material lists. While the plans are free, they really don’t give you everything you need to actually build the item. The plans on this page are the kinds of plans that you should look for when looking for designs on the internet.

Once you have a collection of woodworking plans it is easy to modify them and customize them to make them unique to you as a craftsman. If you want to sell your pieces, it is best not to have furniture that looks exactly like everyone elses. Feel free to experiment. Try different styles of wood. Change some dimensions to make the item bigger or smaller. If you aren’t comfortable making those kinds of changes, then take your time building your confidence in woodworking and in time you’ll be designing your own plans.

free woodworking plans

Click here to download the free plans for the above coffee table. The coffee table is a fine example of a well designed set of plans. They are easy to follow and give the woodworker a good basis for making the table.

free woodworking plans 2

Next, you can download the plans for the storage bench. This is a nice weekend project to build that will make a nice addition to a front entryway in your house.

There are many locations on the internet where you can find free woodworking plans. The problem is that there are so many terrible plans that you will end up searching a long time just to find the plans you want. Check out out this site for a collection of 16,000 plans that contains any woodworking plan you can think of.

If you are new to woodworking, watch the video below to get started.

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