Woodshop Projects

There are many different woodshop projects out there to build and the difficulty ranges from beginners to advanced. Some projects are as simple as small craft boxes, while others will be large furniture sets. Whatever kind of project you are looking to build, we are here to help.

If you are new to woodworking, it is best to start out small. Just like one needs to learn to walk before learning to run, so it also helps to start with a smaller project before moving onto something bigger. While not always the case, bigger projects tend to be more complex. Starting with something like the jewelry box below can get you started on building the box and finishing it with a nice stain. Small projects allow you to practice your skills without spending a lot of money on materials. These projects are also great as projects for beginners.

woodshop plansAs you get more advanced in your woodworking abilities, you can move on to more difficult woodshop projects. These can include items such as beds, dresser, kitchen tables and chairs, and entertainment centers. The difficulty isn’t necessarily due to the size, but cut lengths and attention to detail is much more critical. A minor mistake on a large piece of furniture can be very noticeable.

The best way to get started on any type of woodworking project is to get a good set of plans. Good plans will let you focus on learning how to build projects and less on designing them to make sure they fit together. Once you have mastered cutting and assembling various pieces you can start to make modifications to the plans or begin designing your own woodshop ideas.

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